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Three Wheeler Rims

Speed Wheel Rims - We are Three Wheeler Rims manufacturers in India, specializing in a range of autos and commercial vehicles. We manufacture components for vehicles such as Minidor, G.C. 1000, Garuda, Vikram, Ape etc. Each of our Wheel Rims are assured of conformity to the highest standards of quality.

(a) Passenger Three Wheelers

We specialize in the manufacture of Wheel Rims for passenger Three Wheelers. Our products are suited for vehicles from all leading manufacturers.

(b) Commercial Three Wheelers

We are manufacturers of Wheel Rims for Three Wheelers and L.C.V.s of every kind. Our components are made for diverse brands such as Mahindra, Ape, Force and Bajaj. Our range is known for its precise implementation of standard dimensions.